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Mike Johnston interview –

Mike Johnston

Interview with Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston is an educator and clinician who has made waves in the drum world with his website,, which offers online lessons, downloads and drum camps that are all taught by Mike himself from his facility in California.

The website has been hugely successful worldwide and the Mike Johnston signature Vater stick, the ‘2451’ (after the bathroom code at his business!), became their best selling stick of the year. I caught up with Mike at the Meinl Drum Festival in Germany, where he performed on both days of the weekend.

What was the concept behind your website?

It really started with Youtube. When I was touring I would put videos on there for my students while I was out of town and say, ”It”s on this new website” cos it was brand new at the time. Then I would come back home and it should have only had 70 views from my students but it would have 20,000 views in a weekend. It kept growing and when it got a million views I thought, ”If I just had 99 cents from every one of those there would be a million dollars” so I decided there must be a need for it. At the time DVDs were 40 dollars for a any kind of educational content but sometimes I just wanted one chapter of that so I thought, ”What if I film everything in five to ten minute chunks?’. You could just get the mambo, or just get the songo or one rudiment. So that was the concept.

How has it grown and where do you get your main visits from?

It went from being just downloadable content to live streaming of online lessons plus the downloadable content plus drum camps. I wish I wouldn”t have named it because it”s grown into this huge drumming community that has nothing to do with me, I”m just the guy that teaches it, but it is it”s own family.

It”s grown very fast for me and we get our visits from pretty equally across the world. So many countries that you don”t think of as being big for drums, since they don”t have a lot of drumming education, they”re the ones that come the most. So we have India, China and Japan and then obviously America, Canada and the UK that are huge.

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New site!

Wooot! I now have one place for everything I do!

It’s fantastic to be able to have all my drum stuff on one website so I can forget about the complications of the new myspace once and for all. Typing up gig dates for that place is like filling in a 200 page questionnaire! It may be a few more days until everything is done on here but take a look around and let me know what you think. Massive uber thanks to Matt, who has done everything for me and been very patient.

I’ll be posting again soon with some news on stuff I’ve been up to…