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Start to the year…Istanbul amongst other things

I can’t believe we’re half way through February! It seems like only yesterday that I was swearing I’d never eat another Quality Street while scoffing down mince pies.

2012 started off by making me panic. The first couple of months of any year are notoriously quiet in the music industry and I have spent several hours of several days worrying that a) my phone wasn’t ringing b) I wasn’t receiving any work emails c) maybe it was a problem with my phone and lap top d) maybe it was a personal hygiene problem that I hadn’t noticed before. Thankfully it wasn’t any of those (I smell quite nice in actual fact) and things started picking up again. Here’s what I have been up to -

I have been in a video for a band that will be coming out over the next few months. It was top secret so I shan’t say any more about that for now but keep your eyes peeled!

I’ve been auditioning for new things and rehearsing with a few people for gigs that are coming up; mainly Matthew Kilford and Any O’Neill

Robots In Disguise had a gig in Istanbul at iksv Salon, which was our 3rd visit to the city. It was snowing while we were there! Completely different to the other two trips where it was really hot. In keeping with our usual Istanbul pre-gig tradition we went to the hammam for an afternoon of relaxing in the steam. I resisted the temptation to buy new cymbals while I was out there and instead made the most out of the beautiful sights of the city

And took a few photos of Istanbul’s many street cats…

The gig and the promoters were absolutely brilliant. Hopefully we’ll get there for a 4th visit at some point!

Last week Robots In Disguise played at The Lexington in London, which was a sold out gig. London shows are extra special as friends and family can usually come along but it’s also great to have so many loyal RiD fans at them. Robots fans are flipping’ ace! They are friendly, generous, supportive and creative; check out some of the things they have made for us recently as gifts <3

Friendship bracelets by Izzy

Purses by Fiona

Gemma drum bear by Emma. Here we are all together with our band of bears -



X Factor Live Show 3

I was really excited to be part of the X Factor’s Rock Week show yesterday! It was my first time playing on the show and it was an immense experience. I thoroughly enjoyed rocking out on double drum kits with fellow drummer Holly Hardy to Marcus’ ‘Are you gonna go my way’ and Frankie’s ‘Get your rocks off’. For Janet’s performance of ‘Sweet child of mine’ we played two marching bass drums, which gave my arms and abs a much needed work out!

I was surprised how¬†small the actual studio is in real life and really impressed by the smooth running of everything; the people who work behind the scenes were fantastic. My favourite moment of the day was air drumming one of the songs as a rehearsal with Holly, one headphone for each of us from the ipod, while two hairdressers worked around us, frantically spraying us with hair products and giving us the biggest rock hair they could. We just kept right on air drumming…

Also shared a dressing room with Penni, a fire eating performer who happens to do the voices of Drum and Panzee from Zingzillas! And as if the day couldn’t get any better than that, Holly and I ran into this guy in the hallway….

Spent a really fun day with some great people in the name of work. Here are the girls – Holly, me, Kat, Tiffy and Camilla

Loved it!


New gigs

April has been a great month and we’re only half way through! The sun makes a massive difference, doesn’t it?!

The interview side of things is really busy at the moment with a new feature coming up soon – I’ll have more details of that over the next couple of months. On the last site update for my interview with James Hester (Cars On Fire, Malachai, tutor at Bristol’s BIMM and Technical Editor of Drummer magazine) went online. What a top guy! You can read James’ interview here and find out more about his new book, “Mind Over Meter’.

I’ve recently finished working on two interviews with huge rock drummers – I can’t wait for those to go online and am stoked that I got to speak to them on behalf of Mike’s website.

Things have gone nuts on the gig side of things as well. After two auditions I was picked last week to play in Alistair Griffin’s new band. Rehearsals begin at the end of the week for our first performance of his next single for live TV. I’m thrilled to get to work with him and can’t wait to meet the rest of the band! ¬†Check his music out here -

Alistair Griffin\’s \’Just Drive\’, BBC Formula 1 Outro

This week I’ve also had some dates confirmed where I’ll be playing percussion for Matt Kilford. Matt is from the same area as me and he has the most fantastic voice – I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time so looking forward to those. Have a listen to him here.

I’ve had my first listen in full to the new Robots in Disguise album, which will be released soon. Got a couple of dates with them over the next month and can’t wait to get my teeth into the new tunes!

All in all things are busy but that’s just the way I like it. I’ve got a lot of new music to learn and lots of gigs in the diary, which is perfect :)