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October tour with James Cook (and a spooky dare-to-dream story)

A few of weeks ago I had a message from singer/songwriter James Cook asking if I could join him the following week for a tour in Germany promoting his new album ‘Arts & Sciences’. I met James last year when I was on a tour of Germany with Robots In Disguise; James was the support and we had a lot of laughs so I didn’t hesitate to chart his songs and pack my bags!

I LOVE GERMANY! The venues are always great, musicians get treated really well and the people are so welcoming (and they’re organised and have health food stores all over the place – amazing!). As soon as I arrived we did an unexpected acoustic gig together in Rees, near the border with Holland, supporting Chris Pureka (whose music is completely wonderful – check her out here) which was a great way of playing together for the first time!

The next day we rehearsed the set in a florist’s shop (as you do) where we rocked the room so hard that a heavy plaster cherub fell off a wall and hit me on the back. I don’t stop for angels! Played on through, spurred on by the disco pig on the counter next to me

After a gig in Aachen we were joined by James’ violinist, Anne-Marie Kirby, and we played in Dusseldorf, Ratingen, Offenbach (where we met another great band, Sky Architects, from Denmark) and then on to our last date of the tour at White Trash in Berlin

I had a great week with some lovely people!

And the weirdest thing…

In 2006 I went to see Imogen Heap on her ‘Speak for Yourself’ tour. Her support band was a group called Nemo and I remember seeing them and loving their set; it was a gig that made me really feel and believe that I could make a career out of playing on stage myself. I remember their stripey drum kit, their tall bass player and their singer who did a little side to side dance.

One year later I joined Robots In Disguise and became friends with their tour manager – a very tall guy called Milan. Yep… you guessed it… Nemo’s bass player.

And here I am in October 2012 playing for James Cook, watching him do his little side to side dance (he was Nemo’s lead singer) from behind a stripey drum kit (the one I saw on stage with Imogen Heap).

Full circle!


Wembley Stadium with Cee Lo Green

I can cross Wembley Stadium off my to do list now! I was fortunate enough to play there with Noise Ensemble in 2008 (before the FA Cup Final) but this time around was even better – on a covered stage out of the rain, behind a drum kit and a well known artist with 75,000 people enjoying his music. I saw Cee Lo very briefly before the set of 4 songs – he seemed lovely and I felt for him and his team who have been jet setting across time zones for months now.

I met some gorgeous, talented ladies on the day who were a lot of fun to be around and share the Wembley experience (and awesome catering) with. Here we are about to go on stage…

Thanks to Meldra, Vicky, Rosie, Jetta and Jeanette for a great day! Thanks also to my sweet friend Ciara who helped me out by depping for me in Paris with Robots In Disguise x