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New site!

Wooot! I now have one place for everything I do!

It’s fantastic to be able to have all my drum stuff on one website so I can forget about the complications of the new myspace once and for all. Typing up gig dates for that place is like filling in a 200 page questionnaire! It may be a few more days until everything is done on here but take a look around and let me know what you think. Massive uber thanks to Matt, who has done everything for me and been very patient.

I’ll be posting again soon with some news on stuff I’ve been up to…


Kapil Trivedi (Mystery Jets)

If you’re feeling down about England’s home grown talent at the moment then look no further – the Mystery Jets’ drummer, Kapil Trivedi, will cheer you up. The 25 year old Londoner is described as ‘inspirational’ by Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys and is about to release his third record with the band. We met up for a chat near the river at London Bridge to talk about drumming, dancing and tabla…

Before we start I’d like to commend you on your dancing in the video for ‘Dreaming of another world’. Did you learn that for the video or are you naturally blessed with those moves?

Oh no, I wouldn’t say that! I didn’t learn anything though, that’s the power within! But it was really difficult ‘cos the director played the song twice as first so when you play it normally it has a slow motion effect. So he was just like, ‘Dance boy, dance!’. I had to get him to cut out what was in there before. There were some wild moves.

Who thinks up the video concepts?

In the first few records it came from us. During the second record we started to allow the director to have a bit more say, which is the right thing to do cos they have a vision when they hear your song and if they pick up on the vibe then you just go with that and that’s what happened with this. With ‘Dreaming’ the director, Yoaan Lemoine, saw our art work, Myspace and our press photos and he knew what it was about.



History of female drummers

I’m Gemma Hill and I’m a female drummer on a mission to party with you. Get your streamers and party hats ready because we are going to celebrate the increasing role that female drummers are playing in contemporary music with six months of interviews and articles on major players and topics.

Since studying for the degree on drums at ACM, I’ve toured extensively with all girl band ‘Robots In Disguise’ (for more see This, as well as teaching, has given me a massive insight into the world of female musicians and I thought it was about time someone wrote about them.