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New job…

I’m ecstatic to have been offered the job of editor for Drummer magazine! I’m really looking forward to joining the team at Blaze Publishing and getting hands on with the London Drum Show.

Read more about it here!



Interview in Drummer Magazine

I feel very privileged to have been interviewed for the January issue of Drummer Magazine! In a joint Q & A with Emily Dolan Davies the magazine asked us about our work and tips for other drummers who’d like to get into session playing. It was a nice change to be interviewed instead of asking the questions and we had a great afternoon at Cato and Zildjian’s office.

I’ve been a reader of Drummer over many years so it was amazing to be asked to be included in an issue. Many thanks to Jules and the magazine for featuring the interview on us!

NB about drum gear – I’m an endorsee of Protection Racket Cases and have been very fortunate to have some drums and percussion provided for me by Yamaha and Meinl. I love my Zildjian cymbals though!