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Samantha Maloney

Samantha Maloney started out as a student at New York”s ”Fame” school and has gone on to play for some of the biggest names in rock, including Hole, Motley Crue and electronic artist Peaches” live band, The Herms. She has played drums on soundtracks such as ”Black Hawk Down” and has branched out into scoring music for TV and film herself. If you didn”t already know about this lady then do so immediately!

When did you start drumming?

I was 12 when I started picking up sticks and 14 when I got my first drumset. It took my parents a while before they would buy me a drumkit. They had bought my brother a piano and he never played so they were afraid I would do the same thing.

What inspired you to take it up?

We got cable television when I was 12. This is when I started to watch MTV”s ”Headbangers Ball” every Saturday night. I saw Tommy Lee flying around in a drum cage and thought, ”That is the job for me”.

Who were your musical role models as a young player?

John Bonham, Phil Collins, Neil Peart

Did you have lessons or teach yourself?

I taught myself until my parents finally got me drum lessons. I was also accepted into Performing Arts High School (Fame) in New York City as a percussion major when I was 14.



Laura Fares (Sam Sparro)

This month’s feature is on Laura Fares, drummer for ‘Black and Gold’ singer Sam Sparro and a Zildjian/Pro Mark endorsee to boot. I met up with her in London to find out about life playing for a Grammy nominated artist and how she found her way into the music industry.

What age did you start playing drums?

I started really late – I was probably around the age of 17 or 18

You grew up in Argentina. Did you start playing the drums while you were there or when you moved over here?

Yeap, I started in Buenos Aires when I was at high school. I was just messing around with an all girl band, the typical teenage sort of band, just messing around and getting drumming books, reading and doing it on my own. I was self taught for a couple of years and it was a hobby, but then when I moved to the UK years later I thought ‘Ok, I’m going to actually study and follow it up’.

Did you move to the UK for drumming?

It was just life really. I wanted to travel for a bit – spent a bit of time in Spain and Italy and then I ended up in the UK. After a couple of years I just wanted to literally go to music school and do it properly, so I did.