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Single release and Zildjian Day

April started well for me with Zildjian’s artist day and I was fortunate enough to go along to check out their new products as well as having the chance to meet old friends and make some new ones. I also did an interview (which I am very excited about and working on right now but it’s a surprise….ssshhhh!) and organised some others for a new feature that I’m going to be writing for

Weirdest moment of the day was meeting my drum teacher who taught me when I was 12! He has moved to South Africa, started a family and moved back to the UK over the years and I have changed a fair bit too so it was great to have a catch up.

Last week Danimal Kingdom’s single was released on itunes and at Rough Trade – it’s a double A side called ‘Vinyl skipping ever backward/ Through the ice’ and there’s a 3rd track called ‘Amputee Spirit’. I’m playing drums on ‘Vinyl’ and here it is in all it’s actual vinyl glory…

you can buy it here for real….or here in digital form


At the start of the month my interview with Bob Knight (drummer for Alison Moyet and Rumer, amongst others) went up here at

That’s about it for now…


Bob Knight (Alison Moyet,Rumer)

Bob Knight

Interview with Bob Knight

If you own a television you will have regularly seen Bob Knight at work. Bob was Musical Director of the live Charlotte Church Show for three seasons, which saw him work with many artists including Amy Winehouse and the Manic Street Preachers. He worked on the Justin Lee Collins show, plays in Alison Moyet”s and Nik Kershaw’s bands, is drummer and Musical Director for Rumer and manages to be one of the UK’s top session fixers. Bob found time to tell me about his varied career and I discovered more about the man who Michael Buble has called upon in his hour of need.

How would you describe what you do for a living?

I play the drums, am an MD and I run my contracting business, so double gig!

What’s your background as a drummer?

I come from Yorkshire and I studied at school there. We had lots of good community things that we didn’t have to pay to be part of and there were a lot of good musicians. We won the National Youth Jazz Orchestra competition, you know, those kind of things. Then I did music at A-level and played in bands all round Harrogate. When I was 15 I used to play with guys that are the age that I am now so my dad used to drive me, drop me off and pick me up. I used to do my homework on stage; it was great! There used to be a law that you couldn’t be in a club if you were under 17 unless you got there before it opened and stayed onstage. I would go and set up and just start doing my homework, then the band would turn up and sound check, they’d go off and I’d just stay on stage! Then they’d come back, do the gig and my dad would pick me up at 1am. After my A levels I went to the Royal Academy of Music and did the 4 year jazz degree from ’95 to ‘99 and turned pro from there.