Being Pollyanna

When I was little, one of my favourite films was ‘Pollyanna’. It was released in 1960 and it starred Hayley Mills as an orphan who believed that having a positive attitude made life better. She always played ‘the glad game’ and listed everything she was grateful for. I remember thinking that if I knew Pollyanna in real life, I’d probably think she was a pain-in-the-ass know-it-all but nevertheless, I really loved that film.

Years later, I realise that I play a grown up version of the glad game and I really believe it makes a difference to my quality of life. Before I go to sleep, I list everything that I can think of that I’m grateful for, and almost every night I will fall asleep before I can even get to the end of the list. There are so may things to be grateful for and I think that the more you realise that, the more things that make their way to you that you can be grateful for. It’s never-ending!

I think this is a small exercise that everyone can do, and the more you do it, the more you will see positive changes in your life. So here are a few things I am grateful for for the year that has passed -

I’m grateful for… a great job that I absolutely love, being in love, being loved, feeling at home in two different countries, having the opportunity to learn another language, gaining another family and being welcomed into their lives, new friends that I have met, old friends that I am still in touch with, my family, the great relationship I have with my mother, the health, wealth and happiness of the people I love, the opportunity to choose what food I want to eat and be able to freely buy as much of it as I need, access to fresh water, being healthy, being comfortable with who I am, having the chance to travel, having freedom of speech, having the freedom to wear whatever I choose, sunshine, the changing seasons, future plans to look forward to, the new people I meet all the time, surprising things that happen every day, people who say ‘thank you’, the way that saying ‘thank you’ to other people makes a difference to the way they feel… that’s just off the top of my head.

People who are grateful are positive, and that makes them good to be around so I’m going to keep Pollyanna in mind as much as possible for the next year too. Happy 2015 and I hope that it brings you lots of things to be grateful for!


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  1. I’m grateful I just read this :)

    Thanks Gem!