Welcome to my Website!

I’m a session, studio and touring drummer/percussionist who also teaches and writes for UK drum website MikeDolbear.com (see ‘Interviews’).

  • I sing backing vocals

  • Play well to a click track

  • Have toured the UK, Europe and Japan since 2006

  • Have a First Class Ba Hons degree in Contemporary Popular Music (ACM)

  • Read and transcribe music

  • Play all different styles and have played with orchestras, big bands, brass bands, steel bands, pop, rock and acoustic acts.

  • Am a member of the Musicians’ Union

I’ve been fortunate enough to play with Cee Lo Green, Robyn, Cher Lloyd, Cyndi Lauper, Robots In Disguise and many others as well as on X Factor, The Paul O’Grady Show and at Wembley Stadium. I am currently working with artists in the UK and Germany.

New job…


I’m ecstatic to have been offered the job of editor for Drummer magazine! I’m really looking forward to joining the team at Blaze Publishing and getting hands on with the London Drum Show. Read more about it here! x

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Hey there 2014!

Gemma ACM-no logo

Just 1.5 years ago I never could have known that I’d be where I am now and doing what I’m doing. It’s been a bizarre time with huge personal changes for me; I’ve had to do a lot of listening to what the little voice inside was telling me to do and follow signs that [...]

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Sheila E interview

sheilaemdcom1213 (1)

  Photo; Rob Shanahan Interview with Sheila E When I was growing up there weren”t many women who were playing drums in the public eye. Sheila E was one of my drum heroines; glamorous, in charge of her career and multi-talented, she showed me that women could be musicians. Fast forward twenty years and I [...]

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Thank you, Jan Faulkner, for being a great teacher and an even greater person

Jan Faulkner

I’m really saddened to have heard about the passing of a woman I only met a few times but who had a huge impact on my life; Jan Faulkner. I have vague memories of first meeting Jan when I was a child taking drum kit and percussion exams. Those exams were really enjoyable experiences for [...]

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